In loving Memory of Taylor Renae King

242d2ad81c314e0e84324fa6b611c127-240x300Taylor was a beautiful, smart, happy teen who had just entered high school. She had her life in front of her but the pressures of bullying and normal teen issues overwhelmed her. Rather than talk to someone Taylor took her own life.

Oct. 16, 1995 – Sept. 26, 2010

Taylor Renae King was born into this world on Monday, October 16th, 1995 at 5:56 pm to Bobby and Renae King. She was a happy, beautiful baby and was loved by so many. She was the only Grandchild on her Fathers side of the family and the only Granddaughter on her Mothers side of the family. She was born in Melbourne, FL and raised in Palm Bay and West Melbourne. She went to Dairy Road Discovery Center before starting her elementary years at Meadowlane Elementary in West Melbourne. She then went on to Central Middle School for 7th and 8th grade. This year, 2010 she began her freshman year at Melbourne High School. Taylor came from a very loving, supportive home with caring parents. She spent half the time with her Mother (Renae) and Step Father (Mike) and the other half with her Father (Bobby) and Step Mother (Andee). All of her extended family was a big part of her life.

Taylor began cheerleading for West Melbourne when she was 5 years old and cheered intermittently until her freshman year of high school., She enjoyed cheering, going to the beach, spending time with her families, riding bikes, babysitting, shopping, and spending time with her friends.

When Taylor began high school we knew that it was going to be something different for her and she was both excited and nervous. She was most excited about meeting new friends and seeing all boys that would be attending school with her.

Taylor had some problems with her grades when the first interims came out and her parents set some ground rules. Limiting cell phone usage, computer usage, etc. She was to study more in the evening and try to get her grades back up. She was working on getting her grades back up and she never showed any signs of depression, etc. She was always smiling and never gave any of her family any indication that she was suffering in any way.

On Sunday, September 26, 2010 Taylor decided to end her suffering by taking her own life.